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Each mystery box includes:

Organic Lavender Products Book of Your Choice Gift Cards

Message in a Bottle Author Notes & Autographs Extra Treasure $39.99 (mailed for you)

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Welcome to the Shivoo
Mystery Box
(It's a party in a box)


Brings the

dream home.

Fun in the Sun

Mystery Box

Simply Summer

Breath of Joy!

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Let us know if you have a group study box in mind.

  Soothing Rain

        Mystery Boxes 


MORE fun
for only

You thought you knew the Psalms until you started singing them

the mysteries of
the Psalms...
in a treasure box

How fun to open up a

big mystery box with

a bunch of girlfriends!

the mysteries of

This is a mystery  box a book club will never forget!

Mister B 's story

helps members to tell your own stories of family

and gives

people more insight into who you are, what you believe, and how you'll cope with getting older.

Miss Chris, Teacher

My student gave me a great gift of Mister B!

Mister B is thoroughly enjoyable. He made me think about so many aspects of life I'd never considered.

Mister B's mystery box made my "top 10" gratitude list!


Pick me! for book clubs

& care-givers

PICK ME as a Bridal Party Gift!

Leave your learned wisdom & legacy to your children.



1. Author notes / autographs
2. organic lavender products
3. message in a bottle
4. the book of your choice
6. extra treasure

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