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A Bible Study for your creativity.

Fiction Best Sellers

Final Mulberries Kindle with Endorsement
Book Two comes "unreservedly recommended" -Midwest Reviews and U.S. Review of Books

Kingdom Tales to Transform Lives

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In this action adventure, Barabbas and Simon the Zealot forge their rebel lives in fire for a revolutionary calling.

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Wren feels desperate for a transfer from her kingdom of darkness to a kingdom of light. Perhaps her sword or maybe a friend is the key to survival.

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Full Color interior

Sing through Advent,

a unique Psalm study

What will you do with your one exceptional life?

Black n Cream pages


A Story To Sweeten You Up!

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A Child's Mystery Box Trilogy!   For Ages 8-12 , a Time Travel Fantasy

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Small Title

For Animal Lovers & First Pet Owners


Introducing Opposites & Onomatopoeias

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Introducing Australia & Marsupials

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Sing it


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in 5"x9" handbooks

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Learn history for truth.
Don’t Miss Out.
ORDER Your Mystery Book Box Now.
birds of a feather
  book club kits

Mystery Gift Boxes are filled with the  surprise of a) a great book for one recipient - or an ordered set for an entire book club.  Unpacking it uncovers scented organic oils  and treasures formed into a full mystery box experience. 


1. Just click on a Mystery Box banner, and let Capture Books know the name and address

you would like us to send your gift box to. 

2. Either pick a book, or let us pick one for the person or number of people you expect to

join your club. Feel free to use your own words to describe them a bit.

3. We can sign your book package label from you ... or leave that a mystery too, whatever

you prefer. 

4. We'll bill you $39.99 through PayPal for the first recipient. 

5. All in?!  If this is a book club, after the first $39.99, we'll bill $3 less per person for up

to 8 people per Mystery Box.


We tailor your box for exciting start ups,  birthdays,  making up to a lost friend, for V-day, Easter, Secret Sisters, Mothers Day, cheering someone up, Labor Day or Independence Day


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A Child's Mystery Box Trilogy!   For Ages 8-12 , a Time Travel Fantasy

What is this Mystery Box? You are buying the experience of getting a beautifully decorated surprise box in the mail, - Who is it from? Why was it sent to you? Then as you open it, wafts of fragrance burst into the air, and then there are the wonderful treasures and happy things to inspect as they are uncovered.  Finally, you get into a book that lasts in its value and its experience into the future. That is what you get.  That is the gift you are sending.

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